To be an innovative leader, promoting improved health care outcomes and equal access to the highest quality health care for all Arkansans.


To advocate for and facilitate the success of health centers and promote access to health care in Arkansas.

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Franklin Community

Health Complex

To better meet the needs of the Franklin and surrounding communities, a public-private partnership will create a community-centered approach to promoting health and health equity.

A multi-facet approach is critical to look beyond the traditional approach to health care and recognize the importance community health, academic institutions, job development as well as human services opportunities through job creation​

agencies within community development. These partnerships generate far more resources working as a team, and the additional generation of resources improves the pursuit of health equity and community renewal. This partnership will demonstrate a different approach to community planning and development and offer best practices for the area of comprehensive community planning and the creation of community-level policy.

The mission for Franklin Community Health Complex is to bring the essential health programs to the community. Community Health Centers of Arkansas understands the need to be a part of the solution to help eliminate health and social disparities in central Little Rock; we must go beyond doctor’s visits and checkups and have programs that deal with issues related to poverty, violence, and socioeconomic inequalities. It is our mission to bring health education, access, and equality to the community. This mission will be enhanced through a public-private partnership that will include healthcare practitioners, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and small business owners.

Major Goals


  • Healthcare Access. Establishing the Franklin Community Health Complex as a community partnership that will improve the health of the community as well as the neighborhood by offering comprehensive primary care services, mental, dental, and vision.

  • Enhancing academic achievement through partnering with the Little Rock School District to offer vocational training courses for high school students, continuing education courses for healthcare ancillary and clinicians positions and offering an after school/weekend education program.

  • Economic Development. Improving the economic well-being of community members by offering employment.

  • Community Character. Serving as a meeting location for community stakeholders and community partners to host community meetings, youth programming, and private events.