Arkansas is continuing to implement work requirements for Arkansas Works beneficiaries while similar requirements were struck down by a federal judge in Kentucky.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson said in an interview Tuesday (July 3) that he had read the court ruling, and that he is “optimistic that the decision in Kentucky will not impact us in what we’re doing in Arkansas and that ours will be upheld if it is challenged.”

Some Arkansas Works recipients are now required to work 80 hours a month or engage in other activities such as job training, job searching, education or volunteering, or a combination of those. Hutchinson said Arkansas does not fall under that court’s jurisdiction. He said Arkansas’ work requirement, unlike Kentucky’s, is already being implemented, so the state would have a factual basis to defend the program if it is challenged.

“If it is ultimately reviewed by the Supreme Court or another court that impacts us, then we will deal with it at that time,” he said.

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