Lee County Cooperative Clinic

Lee County Cooperative Clinic

530 West Atkins Blvd
Marianna, Arkansas 72360
Phone: (870) 295-5225


Dr. Kellee Farris, CEO

Kellee Farris graduated from Lee High School and with the idea of getting into sports medicine. She obtained a degree in health and exercise science from the University of Central Arkansas and a master’s degree in sports management from the University of Memphis. She was working as a fitness trainer when a client recommended she broaden her health focus so she could have a greater influence on communities in need.

She “already had a passion for public health” but the client’s suggestion was the jolt she needed to start thinking more about how she could impact social change. She later received a doctorate in public health from Walden University and returned to Marianna to put her passion to work in her hometown. She worked as a depression care manager at LCCC and later quality improvement coordinator before being promoted by the clinic board to CEO last year.