Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Three Arkansas Health Centers receive over $1.7 million in federal grants for New Access Points

On Wednesday, June 20, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced new grant awards to 219 health centers, including three in Arkansas. Arkansas health centers will use these grants to open new locations and to hire additional health care providers.

ARcare, headquartered in Augusta, received $441,595 to open a location in Melbourne.

Boston Mountain Rural Health Center, in Marshall, received $379,167 to open a location in Yellville.

East Arkansas Family Health Center, in West Memphis, received $900,079 to open a location in Helena/West Helena.

Arkansas Health Centers receive $9,462,361 in capital development grants

Thousands of Arkansans will benefit from capital development grants awarded to the several Arkansas CHCs by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

$9,462,361 in grants from the Affordable Care Act will help build and expand health centers, create jobs, and expand access to an additional 19,472 new patients in Arkansas. A full list of Arkansas grantees can be found below. 

Capital Development - Building Capacity Program

Promoting primary care can help bend the Medicare cost curve

Via the Commonwealth Fund - The health reform law boosted Medicare fees for primary care ambulatory visits by 10 percent for five years starting in 2011. Using a simulation model with real-world parameters, researchers evaluated the effects of a permanent 10 percent increase in these fees. The analysis shows the fee increase would increase primary care visits by 8.8 percent, and raise the overall cost of primary care visits by 17 percent.

Administration Scales Back Expansion Of Community Health Centers

By Phil Galewitz
KHN Staff Writer
Oct 06, 2011

This story was produced by Kaiser Health News in collaboration with the Washington Post

The applications poured in, spurred by millions of dollars in new funding included in the health law to expand primary care to the poor. A record 810 groups sought federal grants to staff and equip hundreds of new and existing community health centers.

Ten Arkansas Community Health Centers receive funding to support quality improvement and access to primary care for more Americans

Today the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a series of initiatives that will help over 900 community health centers and community-based organizations to enhance the quality and coordination of health care services across the country. A total of $47 million, made available by the Affordable Care Act (the health care law passed in 2010), was awarded in every state and will help improve quality and access to services for millions of Americans.

State Partners Address Health Care Reform Initiatives

[LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, June 14, 2011]– In response to the rapidly evolving health care delivery environment and proposed changes, Community Health Centers of Arkansas, Inc. is hosting “Partnerships in Transformation: A Summit on Integrated Health Care Delivery,” on June 14-15, 2011 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Little Rock, AR.

CHCA Celebrates First Anniversary of Affordable Care Act

CHCA Embraces Priorities for the New Year

NACHC hosted the Winter Strategy Meeting January 20-22, where maximizing opportunities in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was discussed. Sip Mouden, CHCA CEO, Susan Ward Jones, M.D., CHCA Board Chair, East Arkansas Family Health Center, Inc. CEO, and Steven Collier, M.D., CHCA Board Vice Chair, ARcare CEO, represented CHCA at the meeting. There are four priorities promoted by NACHC and embraced by CHCA that will help advance these opportunities: patient care medical homes, growth, transformation, and advocacy. With these priorities in mind, CHCA will move into the New Year with fervency, preparing and working towards all the great advances in patient care to come.

Expanded Services Funding For Existing Health Centers Available Under Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The Affordable Care Act provides $11 billion in funding over the next 5 years for the operation, expansion, and construction of health centers throughout the Nation.  Of the $11 billion, $9.5 billion is targeted to creating new health center sites in medically underserved areas and expanding preventive and primary health care services at existing health center sites.  An additional $1.5 billion will support major construction and renovation projects at health centers nationwide. 

Mid-Delta Health Systems, Inc. Receives $2.8 Million to Construct New Facility

Oct 12,2010 - Washington – U.S. Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor announced that Mid-Delta Health Systems, Inc., in Clarendon will receive a $2,863,216 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services grant under the Affordable Care Act to construct a new Community Health Center facility in Clarendon that will replace its existing building.

The project is expected to create six jobs at the new center and 21 construction-related jobs, and enable Mid-Delta Health Systems to serve an additional 1,700 patients.

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