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Our Services

Technical Assistance

CHCA offers a variety of training and support services to our members (and other interested parties). Learn more below! 

Strategic Planning

Gather with your organization's decision makers and develop a long-term plan, identify your organization's goals, and establish a culture of support. For more information or questions, contact Lisa Weaver via our contact us page.

i2i & Data Analytics

Get connected to your peers, learn more about health technology, and stay abreast of changes with this specialized technical assistance (and training as needed). For more information on what is available or for any questions, reach out via our contact us page.

Project Catalyst

Learn how your organization can address intimate partner violence and human trafficking through an innovative new model that uses community networks, trauma informed best practices, and a universal education approach for a targeted intervention. Learn more about the different modules available, the history of the project, and check for updates at:

Service Excellence

Contact Lisa Weaver (via our contact us page) for more information on this customizable training to help take your health center to the next level in serving patients and your community!

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