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Helpful videos/audio

CHCA hopes these videos on various topics provide an informational service in a helpful and entertaining way.

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family,
Protect Your Community
Special COVID-19 vaccine advocacy videos funded by Rescue Plan through HRSA
(click on the four names below to watch)

Teresa Smith of Hope urges everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine, shares impact of husband's experience, 12-2021

Mark Keith of Hope shares the pain of going to funerals for COVID patients, urges shot, 12-2021

Bo Mason of Brinkley talks about the practical necessity that getting the COVID-19 vaccine is to his farming operation. 12-2021

Cliff Harris, native Arkansan and Pro Football Hall of Famer, cares for the people of his home state and asks everyone to get a COVID-19 shot. 12-2021

Hall of Famer urges vaccine

Cliff Harris, native Arkansan, former All-Pro Dallas Cowboy, stopped by Healthy Connections to encourage people to get the shot. 10/14/2021

Senator John Boozman

The state's senior senator visited Boston Mountain Rural Health Center, 4-7-21

Diet and exercise 

Testing positive educational videos

Get back to the doctor educational videos

Telemedicine education/promotion

Plea to get vaccinated

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  • Vaccine promotion, Cumulus Radio, Little Rock/Pine Bluff and Force 3 radio, Helena February/March 2021

Amanda Echegoyen, chief operating officer, talks about vaccines at Community Clinic, 3/22/21

Debbie Ackerson, chief executive officer at Boston Mountain Rural Health Center, talks about the COVID-19 vaccine efforts, 4/8/2021

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