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Community Health Centers in Arkansas offer a variety of services to the HIV/AIDS community. Education, prevention, and treatment is the key to live a healthy and vibrant life. Advances in medication allow many people diagnosed today to live fulfilling lives.

Testing in a non-judgmental environment

At Community Health Centers, we accept our patients for who they are. We want to help you get better. That's all we care about. Be smart. Get tested if you have any question of having contracted HIV. The earlier its diagnosed the better. If you don't have the disease, we want to give you the best and most helpful tips to keep you from getting it.

Follow-up care

If you are diagnosed with HIV, our excellent CHC staff  will refer  you to best follow-up care available. That care could include medication, counseling, consultation of all related health-issues, and other matters to help you lead a healthy and productive life for years to come.

Find a Health Center near you

Not sure where to go? Click here to find the health center most convenient for you. East Arkansas Family Health Center, based in West Memphis, and Jefferson Comprehensive Care System, based in Pine Bluff with an HIV care center in Little Rock, offer specialty services to the HIV/AIDS community. Feel free to call CHCA and we will refer you to health center.

For more

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers a wealth of data and medical information. We encourage you to visit this helpful website. You can also listen to our radio spot below.

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