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News release, November 8, 2023


Arkansas CHCs receive top awards


Ten Community Health Centers in the state honored
with federal Community Health Quality Recognition badges


Seth Blomeley, communications and policy director, CHCA


Ten Community Health Centers (CHCs) across Arkansas have received key federal awards for excellence in providing quality health care and improving community health outcomes.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) this week announced the 2023 winners of Community Health Quality Recognition badges.

One CHC, Mainline Health Systems in southeast Arkansas, received the top honor, a Gold Health Center Quality Leader badge. This award goes to the nation's top 10 percent of CHCs based on a multitude of metrics, including screening for health conditions and providing care access to disadvantaged populations. 

Mainline is based in Monticello with 13 clinics and 17 school-based clinics, including in Rison, Warren, Star City and Dermott, among others.

"We're incredibly proud of the tremendous work by Community Health Centers throughout the state," said Dr. Lanita S. White, chief executive officer of Community Health Centers of Arkansas (CHCA). "These federal awards confirm the mission-based dedication displayed by CHC leaders, healthcare providers, and support staff. Each and every day our prime concern is our patients." 

The U.S. Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA), a branch of HSS, issued the CHC awards.

“Health centers are an essential part of America’s health care safety net, providing access to high-quality preventive and primary care in the highest need communities across the country,” said HRSA Administrator Carole Johnson in a news release. “We at HRSA are proud to support and partner with these health centers, which not only provide care to patients regardless of their ability to pay but also consistently deliver excellent care that exceeds national quality standards.”

The badge program recognizes outstanding performance in a variety of clinical areas, including behavioral health, maternal health, diabetes health, heart health, cancer screening, and HIV prevention and care, as well as overall quality performance.

CHCs in Arkansas that received at least one Community Health Quality Recognition badge are:

  • ARcare of Augusta

  • Boston Mountain Rural Health Center of Marshall

  • CABUN Rural Health Services of Hampton

  • Community Clinic of Springdale

  • East Arkansas Family Health Center of West Memphis

  • Jefferson Comprehensive Care System of Pine Bluff

  • Lee County Cooperative Clinic of Marianna

  • Mainline Health Systems of Monticello

  • Mid-Delta Health Systems of Clarendon

  • River Valley Primary Care Services of Ratcliff

CHCs in Arkansas serve more than 285,000 people each year at more than 200 locations.

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