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National Health Center Week: What CHCs mean to us

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Monica Lindley

For Monica Lindley, CEO of Mid-Delta Health Systems, Community Health Centers are all about connecting with and helping the community.

“What does a CHC mean to me? Working for Mid-Delta, like with other CHCs, you’re part of the local community caring about overall health, medical and physical. When I think of CHCs, I think of family – we are here to take care of our community just like they are our family. CHCs are ‘community-focused’ NOT ‘corporate.’

“CHCs give people a family atmosphere not only for patients, but for employees of the clinics as well. WE CARE at Mid-Delta what happens to our patients, employees, and our community. National Health Center Week allows us to recognize everyone playing a role in making a healthier community. It takes everyone working together and being innovative in how to have a healthier tomorrow.”

Dr. Susan Ward-Jones

It’s National Health Center Week, and Dr. Susan Ward-Jones, chief executive officer of East Arkansas Family Health Center, Inc., shares why Community Health Centers are so important to her.

“I look forward to the annual National Health Center Week as we celebrate our patients, employees and the communities we serve. Health Centers play a pivotal role in providing accessible, quality driven, comprehensive health care to those who are often disenfranchised and vulnerable. Personally, my health center has provided me the opportunity of a lifetime to serve God’s people. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of any health center. We give the highest salute to our patients, employees, and the communities that we serve.”

Dr. Kellee Farris

During National Health Center Week, Dr. Kellee Farris, chief executive officer of Lee County Cooperative Clinic (LCCC), shares her memories growing up at the Community Health Center she now leads.

“My love for Lee County Cooperative Clinic runs deep. Some of my earliest memories as a child include my Community Health Center. I saw how thankful people in my community were to receive care. I heard the thanks given to my father from the dental patients he served here. Over 40 years later, I continue to make memories at my Community Health Center as I lead a team of dedicated staff in serving our community. National Health Center Week is a time when we as a family of Community Health Centers can spread awareness around the country of the great work we do.”

Debbie Ackerson

Why is National Health Center Week so special? Debbie Ackerson, chief executive officer, Boston Mountain Rural Health Center, Inc. in Marshall shares her thoughts.

“We celebrate National Health Center Week because it allows us time to show our appreciation to our patients, employees, and stakeholders. Community Health Centers do so many great things for our communities. I am so proud to lead an organization that has a mission to serve. Helping patients receive access to high quality health care is very rewarding for me personally. I am honored to be a member of the National Association of Community Health Centers. I’m privileged to sincerely thank everyone dedicated to such a meaningful cause.


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