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Promoting improved health care outcomes for all Arkansans

Update with Medicaid!

If you receive health care coverage from Medicaid, please update your income and contact information with the Department of Human Services. If you don’t, you risk losing coverage.


Do you or a loved one face a

prescription drug addiction?

CHCs can help.

Go to for resources near you. 

Latest News


Impacts from a government shutdown on health care

What Happens to Health Programs if the Federal Government Shuts Down (Kaiser Health News)?
Gridlock is poised to at least temporarily shut down big parts of the federal government — including many health programs.

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Arkansas CHCs receive
major awards

Ten Community Health Centers in the state honored
with federal Community Health Quality Recognition badges. Mainline Health Systems received the top honor, a Gold Health Center Quality Leader badge. Read the news release.


Eighth Circuit hears oral arguments in 340B case

Protecting patient access to prescription drug discounts is the state's constitutional right, federal appeals court judges were told recently. Read the news release about how CHCA is defending Arkansas Act 1103 of 2021.

“I know there are people who don’t want to take the shot or who are afraid of the shot. For me, it’s a no-brainer.
I have family and friends to think about.
If I brought it home to them, I just don’t want to take that risk.”

— Bo Mason, soybean farmer, Brinkley

















Watch the video


Click here to watch all four CHCA-produced vaccine education videos funded by the federal COVID-19 Rescue Plan

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Upcoming Events

Celebrating Thanksgiving
Get the facts


November health observances include diabetes, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and antibiotic safety.

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Federal friends

Today with Macrae

HRSA Associate Administrator Jim Macrae leads the Bureau of Primary Health Care.



Judd Semingson, CHCA chair and CEO of Community Clinic, was  featured on the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care's website.

What are CHCs?

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